Patchwork Harmony Review

Patchwork Harmony can be downloaded here!

Patchwork Harmony is about a grandfather who stitched together a toy bunny filled with so much love and so much soul that it brings that bunny to life to deliver a music box to Lindsey, his granddaughter. Much like the toy bunny, there is so much love put into Patchwork Harmony and the team of Grapple Studio created a remarkable work of art. It is a lovely experience that I recommend to everyone.

At the very start, Patchwork Harmony elucidates how simple yet adorable it is. The bunny, Patches, recycles its three lovely animations for moving and the music box moves without Patches coming in contact with it. All of it has a calm and comfortable feeling. It is not extremely polished, but it doesn’t need to be, it evokes just the right feelings. It is cute, funny, interesting, and fun.

Patchwork Harmony is perfect for children. It provides easy puzzles and has art that I appreciate. The font of the logo is very adorable, its art is made with thick lines to make everything clear and made with colors that don’t overwhelm, but kindle a sense of joy. It has just enough detail to make everything out, and interactive objects are clearly outlined differently than objects in the background. All of this makes it very welcoming to a young audience, and the visual tutorials in thought-bubble format is a nice touch that would help knowing current objectives and understanding puzzles for young players.

One immensely nice aspect of Patchwork Harmony is its skip button, which allows you to skip a portion of the game and move to the next level. Since Patchwork Harmony seems to be targeting a younger audience, it is great to include this just in case you were stuck but still wanted to see how the story played out. I really appreciate the inclusion of the skip button, but the puzzles are simple and fun enough for most players to not have to use it.

The puzzles consist of creating platform for Patches to stand or jump on to reach new heights, or putting the platforms in the correct positions outlined on the level. It is easy to understand, and the platforming involved takes little effort but has enough to keep you interested throughout the short journey.

The story is also quite sweet, as it highlights how people leave a mark on the world when they pass away, their bodies finite, but their effect infinite. Patches is the embodiment of the grandfather’s love, passion, and spirit. He protects Lindsey and helps her cope with the grief of losing her grandpa. Patches is a constant reminder of the grandfather’s existence and as it helps Lindsey grieve, it will help her towards her journey of making an impact on her friends, family, and the world around her by giving her the strength to overcome this gargantuan emotional obstacle. This message is important for people of all ages, and I am pleasantly surprised that a game is tackling the subject of death and grief in a very important way to children. It isn’t too sad or dark for children to understand. It introduces death as just a part of life and teaches that what really matters is how we helped the people around us throughout our lives.

Patchwork Harmony might not be polished and may lack in-depth gameplay, but the mechanics it has are easy to understand and the art direction is very friendly and fun. The platforming feels good, the story is short but sweet, and the option to skip levels is a fantastic. Patchwork Harmony  is a lovely little gem that is a fantastic way to teach a younger audience about the importance of life and its inevitable end.

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