Aevenn Review

In Aevenn, you explore a small island with a stunning environment filled with trees, flowers, waterfalls, and the sounds of wonderful animals in the background. It is a game about loving nature, but still having a love for the unnatural. It was a very meditative experience for the hour I played it, and was truly a breath of fresh air.

Aevenn is a walking simulator with no goal. You appear on an island with a dragon soaring through the sky in the distance. The dragon provides you with a sense of wonder and amazement. Everything looks realistic, but the dragon in the sky means that there must be something more to Aevenn than it claims. You follow the dragon, going farther and farther away from your starting point, seeing beautiful viewpoints along your journey. A field of flowers, the sun shining onto the luscious landscape, a waterfall pouring down its gorgeous tears, drowning out the noise of the wildlife. Moments like these stick with you.

You see the dragon’s flight path get closer and closer to you. You are getting closer to that wonderful creature. You are lonely on this island and that dragon is the only sign of life other than the invisible animals making noises as you pass. Maybe the dragon caused this vacancy, leaving only the ghostly voices of the animals left on the island. The echoes of the lost ones.

I believed this dragon was menacing, a force to be reckoned with, but then I met them. I stumbled upon a beautiful open landscape of flowers, with the sun glowing into my eyes at just the right angle. It was the most astounding thing I could imagine. I was shocked and stopped right in my tracks, jaw-dropping to the ground from the sigh. That’s when it came to me.

The dragon planted its feet on the ground, and did not let out a terrifying scream, it just stood there. It wanted to let me know that it was there, and that we lived on this island together. We were not enemies and they were not a creature to be glorified or scared by. The dragon is just a creature living its life and having their moment of peace with nature. We both stood there having no answers as to what we were experiencing, nor what our purpose was, but we stood there in unison. It was a powerful moment. When I reached towards the dragon, it flew back into the sky, repeating its cycle of flight. I smiled, reset the game, and journeyed to meet them again.

Aevenn’s lack of goals is a great thing, it makes you make your own goals and explore at your own pace. It lets you think about why you are there, what the island is, and the importance of it all. It is meditative, but the island consumes you, it is much larger and you are the only creature exploring the island on foot. The whispers and cries of the animals become daunting as you realize that you cannot see them, you can only see yourself and the dragon. A mixture of nature and that which defies it. What a beautiful place to be.

You can download Aevenn here for any price!

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