Midst of Lost Review

Midst of Lost is Cosine Interactive’s second video game. It is a game that is full of flaws, but has enough polish and potential to give you enjoyment. The enemy designs are nice, the story is fine, and the gameplay has some fun mechanics, but ultimately lacks depth. I wish I could say I loved Midst of Lost, but my time with it was tainted by mediocre platforming sections and tedious enemy encounters.

Midst of Lost begins rather promisingly, as you appear in a beautiful cave with the light of the sun shining through it in a breathtaking scene. Upon exiting the cave you are tasked with finding food for your family by killing a deer. This moment was fine even though the archery in the game was a little lackluster, later, however, you discover you have lightning abilities as you shoot bolts of light from your hands. Using these powers you move a tree in a hilarious fashion and watch as you yeet it through the sky. The first level was wonderful! The next, however, is when things get rough.

The second level introduces you to the story, where aliens are attacking the city. This level is extremely dark, and I don’t mean its themes. It is just extremely dark. You can hardly see anything, and that’s not good when there is a platforming section in the level. You are jumping on rooftops(?) that you can’t even see and praying that you don’t fall off. I had my brightness at 100% and continued to struggle to see where I was going!

The enemies in this section look really cool, but their AI is not fantastic. They run at you at amazing speed and slice you with their weapons, unless they choose the second option and just stand still as you shoot lightning bolts at them. Other enemies shoot lasers at you that are easily dodgeable, and even they sometimes choose not to fire them at all. When things work properly, you are left dealing with an easy encounter that looks neat at times, and when things do not work properly, you stand still and shoot and kill them in a tedious manner.

The platforming section has some pretty interesting effects as you see buildings fall apart and parts explode off of them, but the problems that come with the brightness of the game make it infuriating. The first few times I took a minor fall and was greeted by text telling me I died, I was a little angry. I  had some patience, but by the fourth time I died, wanted to quit. Luckily, when things went well, it went very well. The sprint mechanic is very fast, so when I eventually found out where every platform was, I got through the level in around a minute. This felt really good and I was so relieved.

The third level introduces the driving mechanic, it goes nicely, but the camera movement is a little slow, leading to vehicular combat being very odd. This was not a fantastic part of the game, but it was way better than the previous section! Controlling the vehicle is pretty easy, and there was only one section where there were some difficulties getting the car to move. I appreciated the variety of gameplay in Midst of Lost, but it struggles to perfect anything it tries to.

The last level is the best level and makes the whole experience worth it. The enemies worked well on this stage, chasing after me and making me run for my life as a giant boss monster leaped towards me with the goal of killing me. Going through this stage is extremely fun, and the platforming works pretty well. It is a great ending to a rather tedious game. The design of the last level puts you in a very open environment where you, as well as your enemies, are free to roam around. You look behind you and there is an army of aliens chasing after you as you look for the exit. It was amazing, and it is the level that makes me want to recommend Midst of Lost to others.

Even though Midst of Lost struggles with its game design, it has enough good moments to keep you interested. Midst of Lost is a free game and was made to improve the skills of the developers, so its flaws are forgivable and its moments of hilarity and excitements make it even better.

You can download Midst of Lost here!

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