Heaven’s Vault Set to Release on April 16th

Inkle Studios, the creators of the award-winning game 80 Days, have announced a release date for their new game, Heaven’s Vault, which is about deciphering a hieroglyphic language and exploring a distant land in an attempt to find a missing academic. It will be releasing on April 16th on Steam and PS4.

In Heaven’s Vault, you play as Aliya Elasra, an archaeologist sent on a mission to find a missing academic with her robot assistant named Six. Throughout your journey, you will discover ancient artifacts and be tasked with deciphering an entire hieroglyphic language in order to understand the world around you.

Heaven’s Vault will not tell you whether your deciphering skills are good enough, instead the story will adapt to your successes and failures. Heaven’s Vault promises to offer a unique experience to everyone who plays it through this formula. It will also adapt to the way you treat other characters, and virtually every other decision you make. Inkle states, “A diverse cast of characters will react to everything you say, and change their approach depending on how you treat them. Some are kind, some are cautious, and others are out to con you – you have been warned!”

A story that is based on your choices is not anything new to games, but the sheer amount of ways that Heaven’s Vault changes makes it unique, and much more ambitious than other games. It’s lack of guidance also makes it a very exciting game, as players will be left unsure of the success or failure of their efforts, and thus always be thriving to improve their deciphering abilities.

Heaven’s Vault’s PS4 Page

Heaven’s Vault’s Steam Page

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