Meditation Games Diary: 2/9/19

Isaac Schankler made a pretty neat game for Meditations today. It consists of looking at a starry void and moving your mouse to change the look of the starry sky. Apparently moving the mouse also changes up the music, but the differences are too small to notice. Regardless, today’s game was visually pleasing, and a nice way to relax.

Meditations games so far have either been narrative experiences or relaxation experiences. Today’s game is the latter, with no hidden meanings or needs for interpretation. You start the game staring at a statically representation of space while listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. It was peaceful, but the lack of goals and exploration hindered the experience as a whole.

While it held my interest for a while, it was hard to pay attention to this game for five minutes. The music was phenomenal and the art was pretty interesting, but doing very little the whole time was difficult. Either way, the short amount of time that I was paying attention was neat, and knowing that movement added layers to the music was cool even though I did not experience that while playing. I hope people got more out of this game than I did!

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