Meditation Games Diary: 2/7/19

Today’s Meditations game, created by Torstein Vien and Dan Wakefield, is about burning books! Book burning has been a repeated event in history where objects deemed dangerous or sinful would be burned away due to powerful and evil individuals and groups believing that the objects would be dangerous to their ideology. Today’s game handles the subject quite well and its imagery is fantastic.

The colors in today’s game consisted of an orange and red background with black fire and two lines of silhouettes of people burning books. The setting is haunting, and the way the fire grows when books are thrown into it show the negative effect of events like this increasing with every valuable historical object losing all worth when touching the dangerous flames. We lose pieces of history, and people lose objects that are extremely important to them.

Books are so important. They can teach you, they can entertain you, or they could remind you of the times a family member read them to you. Losing books, or any other resource that has a high value to you, and to history, is a very sad event, and today’s game showed the horror of moments like these.

Games that take historical events and make them a playable experience are quite cool. I enjoy them because they can show awful events and make us interested in researching more about the topics. Like January 19th’s game about a historical, yet barely known, helicopter crash that had extreme importance to everyone involved, today’s game shows how scary it is to think about how everything can change in minutes. In a toss of a book, history can vanish, and valuable objects that once helped people get through the day can vanish in an instant. That is a horrific thing to think about, and it was depicted in a horrific way in today’s game. Everyone should experience this, regardless of their prior knowledge about the multiple bonfires of the vanities that happened over the course of history.

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