Meditation Games Diary: 2/3/19

Today’s Meditations game is very good and had a great personal message with it. Today’s game is about Quinn Crossley’s experience as a non-binary trans guy! You start the game in a pink place, representing the female gender, and then slowly transitions to a gray area, and finally, a blue area representing the male gender. The gameplay consists of blowing out birthday candles because February 3rd is Quinn’s birthday and opening doors that are opened through collecting candle flames.

This was a very interesting way to depict the transitioning of genders and the elements of growing older and having a better understanding of gender were nice. When you begin the game, it is Quinn’s first birthday, and when they looked in the mirror during this time, they saw a girl, because they did not have an understanding of what gender was, and they didn’t feel any different from what a girl was to them at that point. When you progress throughout the game, until the age of 16, you keep blowing out candles and looking at mirrors. You continue to see a female when looking through them, but when you reach 16, which is likely when Quinn realized they were no longer feeling comfortable being in the female gender category.

The screen for 16 goes dark, and the tone of the game changes drastically. Quinn was going through a very rough time during the age of 16, and that feeling continued for years, and Quinn looked into the mirrors, and societies view on who they were and was very angry that they were not seeing Quinn for who they were. During this stage of the game, you look at mirrors and see a female, and then you break the mirrors. This is a very powerful scene which will stay in my mind forever.

Then, once you exit the darkness, you are greeted, at the age of 20, with a birthday while being a male. You look in the mirrors and you happily see that you are a male, and you finally accept the fact that you are now living a happy life and you are comfortable with your gender. When you enter the final room of the game, which brought me to tears, you see your family loving you and accepting this change. This was a very emotional moment, and I am so glad Quinn had the support of their family during this time because that is very important and can help a lot.

The sound design and the simplistic art make the game amazing. The sounds change during the colors changing, the mirrors were a cool mechanic, and the candles representing the age of Quinn was good, as it gave us a reference of when Quinn started feeling uncomfortable and decided to accept that they were not a female.

It tackles some of the misconceptions of being transgender, and hopefully changed someone’s view on the subject. You don’t wake up and feel like someone else, it changes throughout your life and you start learning more about what gender is, and you start learning about your identity when you are in you are a teen. This game is extremely valuable, and every single person should play it. Please play this game, it will be available on 2/3/20.

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