Meditation Games Diary: 2/2/19

Groundhog Day is a wonderfully weird tradition. We suddenly believe that a groundhog is a godlike being that can tell us what the weather will be like depending on whether it sees its shadow or not. A groundhog…we believe a groundhog can predict the weather, sometimes meteorologists struggle with it, but we think a GROUNDHOG can do it. It is so weird and so cool. Scientists have studied Groundhog Day predictions and whether they are true, and nope, there is no correlation, but we continue to believe in Phil and his weather predictions.

In today’s Meditations game, Tyson Moll explores this cultural event in a fittingly wonderfully weird way. You start the game by looking at a sports stadium and a coin. On one side of the coin there is a sun, and on the other, there is a moon, representing the two outcomes of Groundhog Day. Once you click the coin, it either shows the sun or moon and then you are taken to a screen of a groundhog coming out of its burrow with very good music playing. Then it stays there until you turn the game off. It is fantastic.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but when you realize what the stadium represents, it is quite good, and the quirkiness of the game is very similar to this weird as heck day. The stadium is a representation of excitement, or, as Moll states in his tweets, overexcitement. The game is about him and his brothers getting overly excited about the results of Groundhog Day. People get super excited to see a groundhog possibly see his shadow. That is so weird and not something to be excited about. We see shadows like every day and it is nothing special, but when we see Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow, suddenly the day is more exciting than this year’s Super Bowl.

Moll made a pretty great representation of this weird tradition, and a different version is available on his page. If you do not want to wait until next year to try it out, then I suggest playing it there, but there is something quite special about playing this game on the second day of February, because it reminds you just how odd, and cool, it was for you to be excited about a groundhog today. Also, it is great to play if you are from somewhere that does not celebrate Groundhog Day! It is a fantastic and totally weird day that everyone should know about.

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