Meditation Games Diary: 1/31/19

Meditations ended the month of January with a fascinating game. One about a hero and their dog saving the world. Sophie Houlden created this game to evoke the same feeling Final Fantasy VII gave them in 1/31/97. In today’s epic adventure of sword-fights, ends of life, and high fives, Houlden created a joyful experience that will be forever remembered and cherished in my mind.

In Houlden’s game, they take elements from Final Fantasy VII, and uses them to create their own story about a female protagonist and their dog that fight against an evil king, ninjas, demons, and an evil wizard. To play the game, you simply click through images while a bar showing your progress through the story is shown.

There were times during this game where I laughed out loud due to the moments in the game. I have only played a few hours of Final Fantasy VII, so I did not know what a lot of the moments represented, but I had much more fun playing this small game than trying to invest all of my time into FFVII. There were moments of joy, of shock, and hilarity, and even without knowing the context of the story, it works! Everything works!

I had a fantastic time clicking through this adventure, and I plan to research more about FFVII before next year so I can experience this with a new perspective. I want to play more games like this, because although there was little gameplay, the story was very enjoyable. Even with a total lack of dialogue, I always knew what was occuring on each screen, which is an amazing feat in its design.

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