Meditation Games Diary: 1/27/19

Anthony Tesija’s Meditations game is about his time journaling to help with his anxiety. This is something that has been recommended to me quite a few times when I have opened up to people in the past, and my Creative Writing class a few years ago helped my mental health quite a bit. This game made the experience really interesting, and I think I am going to start journaling soon. Heck, this series has been the start of my journaling experience without me even realizing it, so that’s great.

During Tesija’s game, you click and emojis appear on every day of the calendar, showing what Tesija was feeling that day. Together, the emojis create a story about heartbreak. At the start of the month, a broken heart is shown, and that influences the rest of the emojis throughout the month. The heartbreak completely changed his month, and it seems like he moved out of his significant other’s house? The story is not extremely clear, due to it being expressed through emojis, but it is still an interesting storytelling technique.

This game made me think about what emoji I would put on my calendars. It made me wonder what emotion outweighed the others every day. It was very hard to pick one. That is what I liked most about the emojis, they don’t tell you the whole story. So I hope Tesija at least had some good moments between the sad ones, and I am sorry that the sadness outweighed any good time you had.

Today I would probably put a smiley face on my calendar. I thought the game was really cool, I am getting a lot of writing done today, and I am enjoying my time with the other games I am playing. I am very excited for the future, and I hope everyone who reads this is having a good day. What emoji would you put on your calendar today?

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