Meditation Games Diary: 1/26/19

I didn’t understand today’s game very well, but it still stuck with me. In Felipe Nunes’ game, you walk around your house, and family members and pets appear before the door to your house opens. When you walk out of your house, the game ends. I have thought about it a lot since I completed it, and still, have no clue what the message of it is. The description only says to enjoy the game, so I have no context as to what the game is truly about. So let’s put my analytical skills to the test.

In today’s Meditations game, there is a total of six key objects. You, a female figure, a dog, a daughter, an elderly woman, and the door. The protagonist wears a bag on his back, and when he reaches the door at the end of the room, new people are added. The door is only opened at the very end of the game, though, so most of the time you are just pacing back and forth in the room instead of interacting with the door.

The people that appear in the game have enough detail to assume that their roles are a wife, pet, daughter, and mother, respectively. The pacing back and forth in the room represents can represent two things, anxiety and the repetition of life. So the people in the room are either people who support the protagonist through his struggle with mental health or could just be the people in his life that make the repetition worth it. Let’s explore both of these meanings.

For anxiety, dealing with it can be very difficult. You are put in a very vulnerable position with it and have to rely on other people, and perhaps medication, to get out of the abyss it puts you in. So the people depicted in the game could be people important to the mental health of the protagonist. The other interpretation of the game is that it is about the repetition in day-to-day life.

Every day I wake up,  I go downstairs and watch TV while I get ready for the new day. After that my day consists of completing college homework, playing games, eating, and then writing about games. Life itself is pretty boring, as my daily activities occur so often that they lack meaning. The Match Game episodes recycle, my college homework becomes boring, even the games, while fun, are repetitive at times. Life is also very cool, though. During my day I have various conversations with my friends, learn new things, and play amazing games. One of my favorite things to do every day is to play Meditations.

Nunes’ game depicts this by introducing new people during your routine of walking back and forth. The door opening at the end may represent the loss of life or just the end of the game. I have no clue what it represents when interpreted either way. I can’t find a conclusion that I am happy with, and I plan on diving into this further next year. Right now, Nunes has my interest piqued, but I haven’t been this confused since I tried liking Kingdom Hearts.

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