Meditation Games Diary: 1/21/19

Today’s game was about not remembering your mom’s birthday. Oh, and today, the 21st, is my birthday. So that’s pretty neat. Andy Runyon’s Meditations game is similar to Snake since you grow when eating different fruits, but also a puzzle game where you must match patterns that appear on the ground. The gameplay’s relation to the description, where Runyon states that he likes his mom, but never remembers her birthday, wasn’t clear when I completed the game the first time, but it became clearer as I replayed it.

You play as a row of circles, and after you eat a fruit, you gain a circle and eventually gain more colors of circles for more complex puzzles. The growing of the line of circles represents how Runyon’s mother helped him grow, and gave him the right support and necessities to overcome obstacles in his path. Since it is my birthday today, I examined how my mother has helped me through life.

When I first told her what I wanted to do with my life, I remember her sudden worry and confusion. I previously wanted to be a lawyer or a teacher, but then I watched G4 and started listening to podcasts created by games journalists. Little by little, I was pushed in this direction and only later did I realize how risky it is. I found out that the pay isn’t great, the fears of pitching, and the pain of rejection that many freelancers face. Once I found this out, I was worried, too.

After several conversations with my family about this, they still told me that I should do it, and follow my dreams regardless of where they take me. Sure, I will most likely need another job while freelancing, and the pain of rejection may put me in a really bad place, but it is a journey that I wanted to take, and she supported me. That’s a good feeling.

So thanks, Mom! I am really enjoying life right now and this little site I created. I am having a great time, and I am meeting great people. I will overcome every obstacle in my path with the help of you, and the rest of my family and friends.

Runyon’s game really confused me at first, but the conclusion I arrived at was one that I liked and one that made me very happy. Meditations is a project that has meant a lot to me emotionally, as the abstract games make me think and complete some self-introspection to see how I relate to each game. Whether it is taking a close look at my mental health history, or an examination of grief and how I deal with it, Meditations entries keep making me learn more about myself, and it is wonderful.

I really enjoy writing this series, and I am glad I decided to. It is really good for me, and it is great to know that these little games can have such an effect on my emotions and mental health. I hope you feel the same way when playing these games, and I hope that you get some comfort from these diary entries. Remember to play this game on the 21st, and remember your mom’s birthday!

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