Meditation Games Diary: 1/20/19

Today’s Meditations game was created by Grhyll, and it is a rhythmic visual representation of his time as a developer. In the description, Gryhll talks about his journey into game development, and how he has met amazing people who share the same passion for game design, and how he has gone to conventions to show off his games. Experiences once thought to be impossible were now experiences that he was living through. All of this was very relatable, and the game’s portrayal of its message was quite a sight to see.

During the game, you are tasked with clicking the middle of the screen when the lines of shapes enter the outlined area. So yeah, it is a normal rhythm game. The importance of it is the message. After each line of shapes, the area around the middle of the screen gains a new line of color, and at the end of the game, the collaborations of colors and shapes become spectacular. This represents the new experiences that Gryhll experiences, and how all of them made him grow as a person, and as a developer.

Gryhll made me examine my past, and how my career has introduced me to amazing people and great experiences. I have made so many friends over the past year, and I am so grateful to know every single one of them. I was really hesitant in pursuing games journalism, and it took me around five years to finally take the first step into this industry. Everyone was very supportive, and without their help, I wouldn’t be writing this right now.

So I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped me out last year. All of you are fantastic and I can’t express how much your support has helped me. I am really enjoying life right now, so thanks. I would like to think that the visuals at the end of this game are what my life would look like. A display of beautiful collaboration where everything fits together in a lovely fashion. Yeah, that’s where I am at right now, and I am enjoying the sight. I hope that I can say the same thing at the same time next year.

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