Meditation Games Diary: 1/19/19

Today’s game is something very different. While the previous games in Meditations have been emotional experiences that lead to introspection, today’s game is simply about a poem and a real event. John Vanderhoef’s Meditations game is a simplified version of his docu-game, Cullen. I plan on playing and reviewing Cullen when I get the chance, so I am going to make this article short so I have more to talk about when reviewing the full game.

The story is about a helicopter, nicknamed Cullen, that crashed due to flying in heavy storms. The game takes you through the helicopter embarking on its journey, to the passengers being saved by Grampian Freedom. It is a very quick game, with minor gameplay flaws, interesting visuals, and interesting history behind it.

Vanderhoef’s game interested me enough to search for more information related to the crash of Cullen, and through this research, I have found quite little about the crash. I was only able to find a Wikipedia article, as well as a site stating that they had footage of the incident, but the videos were taken down from Youtube. I was left wanting more information but doubting that I would find any.

This is kind of weird. It was obviously a real event, due to the small amount of information I gathered, but people are not writing about it. I like that Vanderhoef is attempting to give the event some acknowledgment, as it is an indelible moment for the passengers of the flight. Something extremely important happened that day, and nobody knows about it.

Today’s era is a good one. Today you can post about everything that happened to you on various social media platforms, and nothing will get lost. People will know that your bowl of Fruit Loops was good last Saturday, and they will know that you stubbed your toe on a table. Everything is out there and will not be forgotten unless something extremely bad happens and the social media platforms disappear, or you delete your accounts.

Back in 1995, people either talked about the event and it was covered on news stations, or only a handful of people knew about it. That is so odd to me as someone born in the 2000s. I am glad to be living in an era where everyone knows everything because if something strange happens to me, like a helicopter crash, people will know about it and my story will live on forever. It was

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