Meditation Games Diary: 1/18/19

Today’s game was, “For those who feel adrift in this endless void,” and I am definitely one of those people. Andrew Gleeson’s Meditations entry was a music game, where you create sounds using ASDFGHJK, where A is the lowest pitch, and K is the highest. After pressing the keys, the game plays music back to you, in the opposite way. If you press the highest key, the game plays the lowest key. Together you collaborate with the game to create a melody that resonates with you.

The mechanics were really neat. I loved the way it restricts you to a set of eight keys. It stops it from being overwhelming and makes it easier to realize that the game is simply playing back an opposite version of what you are playing. Also, the description explicitly states that it is for people who feel adrift in the endless void, which makes it clear that there is no true goal to the game. I love games where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your time.

Looking at the game analytically, it can represent how the world can take your feelings and attempt to change them. I can’t even count how many times I have thought a week was going to be amazing, but a life event happens and ruins it. Together, you have to work with your life events and your emotions and create a balance. Some things will be great, and some will be awful, but throughout it all, you will exist. You have to keep drifting in the endless void of life.

In December, life was pretty great and pretty rough. I was really happy about how college was going and was happy about writing. I just released my first game design analysis piece about my favorite game and was excited about my future. Then I found out something terrible about one of my ex-best friends and I had to work with my other friends to learn to accept it and move on with life. This took a while, which made the entirety of December a time of hatred, but also a time of love and support.

Life would play the opposite tone, and I would be left wondering what to do with it. Should I feel down and hope that life throws something good at me? Or should I attempt to be happy, and become saddened again when life inevitably gives me something even worse like an IBS flare up or another sickness? Either way, I win and lose, and that’s just what life is; a cycle of drifting and adjusting.

I think it is pretty bad, but also okay. I am okay with being adrift, and all I can do is hope that the good moments outweigh the bad ones. Gleeson’s game taught me that I can work with life to make beautiful moments out of the ugly ones, by combining my efforts to make something amazing and life tossing problems my way, I can make a life that I am proud of.

Today has been a good day. I have completed a lot of homework assignments, and a lot of writing for my site. It doesn’t really matter what happens tomorrow, or next week, or next year, my success for today will always stay. I think that is pretty awesome. Life is great, weird, awful, and lovely. Life is a void full of wonders, and I hope you continue to drift with me.

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