Meditation Games Diary: 1/12/19

Daniel Ilett’s Meditations game is about having a lot of ideas and goals, but being unable to accurately go through with all of them. You play as a shepherd attempting to get all of the sheep in a pen. The sheep are a representation of projects and ideas, and the pen is a symbol of actually creating the projects and a representation of the mind of the project creator. Ilett’s description of the game states that he is a “compulsive project juggler” and that he is unable to keep every project idea in his head at one time, and Ilett does a splendid job of portraying that through gameplay.

The sheep are very difficult to accurately move. They can only be pushed by running into them, and they can move away from you, and even get beside a wall making it very difficult to move them toward the pen. Once they are in the pen, they can easily walk out of it, and every time you put more sheep in the pen, they can get out easier because they are closer to the exit the later they are added due to the lack of space.

When playing the game, the first thing that popped (Thank you spell-check for stopping me from making an embarrassing spelling mistake just now) into my head is that Ilett and I have the exact same problem. Throughout my time at Scoffin Games, I have wanted to start a ton of projects, but the only ones that really worked out are the Itchy Byte project, where I focused heavily on games and the Meditation Games Diary project.

Itchy Byte was something I was very happy to start, and eventually led me to have a heavy focus on on this site and became less of a project and more of a career. It quickly became something that I was incredibly passionate about, and my content started to be completely related, which is fantastic! Other projects, such as the Nostalgia Trials, as well as my Night in the Woods: The Rust Belt Project, quickly became too overwhelming causing me to drop them.

Other ideas, such as podcasts, became way too hard for me to do when I attempted to start them and were stopped just days after I announced them. I have too many project ideas but not enough courage to go through with them. This year, however, I am pretty adamant about following through with any goal I set for myself and any project I start.

Ilett’s game made me nervous about this, though. It made me look back on last year when most ideas I had failed and made me realize that doing this is not easy. I will still be trying to accomplish everything this year, but I know that it will be pretty hard for me. I think I can put all the sheep in the pen, but I guarantee those jerks will attempt to run out of it, forcing me to chase them down and throw them back in the pen. 2019 is going to be a great year for me, and hopefully for you, but it may also be difficult, and that is okay.

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