Mediation Games Diary: 1/9/19

Kirsten Naidoo’s display of familial teachings and growth was an amazing way to start my morning. In this Meditations game, you place flower petals on other flowers to complete their missing parts, and then new flowers grow. In the end, you get an image of fully formed and beautiful flowers connecting to ones that are still growing, and ready to pass on the teachings of their ancestors.

Naidoo describes the game as “A diagram showing the relationships between people in several generations of a family”, and beautifully displays how the relationships between parent and child can have long-lasting effects that help the development and growth of many generations of the family. It made me look at my family, and see how their teaching has affected me, and how that will help me change the people around me.

When I think about people who have made a difference in my life, I always think about my family first. They helped me grow as a person and got me out of my rage-filled time as a child, where I would meltdown and create a scene every single day. They taught me everything I know, provided me with education, and led me to a path of greatness. They support my endeavors, and they influenced my personality a great deal.

When I think of how they have helped me develop confidence, selflessness, and a love for the world, I can’t believe it. I am awestruck that a small group of people were able to have that much of an effect on me. It also helped me realize that I have played, and am playing, a huge part in people’s lives around me.

Every time you check up on someone or tell them that you love them, it helps them through their day, week, month, or year. Naidoo’s game shows how your actions will affect the people around you, and how them paying it forward will help make the world a better place. Together we can strengthen each other and become better people.

Life is all about that support. Whether it is from friends or family, you have to have someone to teach you. They could be teaching you right from wrong or they could be teaching you good practices, like asking “How are you?” and being a better listener. All of these aspects of everyday life were taught for generations and that is why we know them today.

Naidoo’s game does not require a lot of interpretation, as it describes what it is about through its description, but the theme can be related to a lot of topics, and that is just another aspect that makes this game important. It may not be a fun experience, but it is one that teaches you to respect all of the relationships that you have formed in your life, and how to pass on the teachings of your ancestors to the people around you.

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