Meditation Games Diary: 1/8/19

Today was my favorite day of Meditations, but that’s just because dogs are amazing and way better than humans will ever be. Lucas Gullbo’s game was about his dog, and his dog was old and was already under control, so no leash was needed when taking his dog out with his other. Gullbo loved to watch as the dog ran through the forest barking at everything in his path. Scary bushes? Bark. Birds? Bark. The tough protective outer sheath of the trunk, branches, and twigs of a tree or woody shrub? Bark. Sorry, but I had to.

Gullbo’s game allows you to be his dog and wander the snowy forest, barking at everything in your path. You bark at birds to cause them to fly away so you can make your way to Gullbo who can be found at the end of the game. I loved every single second of this neat little gem, and I replayed it several times just so I could hear the cute bark of the dog and see the beautiful snowy pixelated forest.

You cross bridges, run in the snow, and show the birds that the dogs are the better pets and will always be. Gullbo’s game reminded me that I have to get a dog when I am able to, and also reminded me to always cherish the good moments in life.

The description of the game states that it was inspired by Gullbo spending time with his dog and mother in 2015. I am sure there were other events that year, some fun ones, and some not-so-fun ones, but he let the good ones inspire him. That is something we can all learn from.

A lot of the time, I judge years based on the bad stuff that happened in them. Whether it is losing a loved one, struggling with homework, or leaving an organization that you have been a part of for four years, I always remember years by the sad events that happened in them. I think that is mostly because they affect our mental health more than the good ones. Happiness passes, but sadness leaves scars.

There is nothing wrong with letting sadness inspire you, I think it is one of the healthiest things you can do. Take a past event and make a piece of art that can help others cope, or allow them to be in your shoes and develop sympathy. Both of these things are amazing, and I thank every artist that does it. It really makes a difference.

Wholesome and happy games are also amazing, though. This game was a lovely one to play, as it allowed me to be a cute little dog and travel through a bright forest of happiness, and forget about any problems I was having. It gave me a boost of energy to finish the homework that I was struggling to complete, and gave me something to reward myself with after I completed the work; another round of barking and running.

The mechanics were fun, the running animation of the dog was adorable, and the end, where you reunite with your owner and a heart appears, symbolizing your bond and your love, was extremely sweet. If you love dogs and need something to be happy about, then mark your calendars for 1/8/20 and download Meditations to make sure that you experience this cute game.

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