Meditation Games Diary: 1/7/19

Ditto’s Meditations entry portrays the way the human mind’s mood shifts multiple times every day. In this game, a line is in the middle representing the length of the day, and the moods are represented by a grey square and a purple circle. You can change the grey square into a purple circle by making it pass through the line in the middle of the screen, which can be done by changing the trajectory of the square by clicking and moving your mouse.

It was a very easy experience and one that did not require much interpretation on my part. One thing I did notice is that you can manipulate how long you have the square or circle by having them revolve around the line instead of going through it, so the game plays with the idea of controlling your moods throughout the day. So for this article, I decided to do just that! Time to put myself in situations that will change my mood and then write about them for your enjoyment!

So first I wanted to be sad because I wanted to go ahead and get that out of the way. The easiest way to do that is listening to Rejoice by Julien Baker. That song makes me very close to crying every time I hear it. This worked, my eyes are now coated with tears, and I have only sad thoughts in my mind.

Music has such a beautiful emotional effect on me. It is probably the only form of media that can allow me to consistently control my mood. When I am sad and wanting to be, I just listen to my favorite music from Julien Baker, or the song Break my Fall, a beautiful song that I discovered while watching Bojack Horseman. I like hearing music that I can relate to, and when I hear Julien Baker hoping that God hears her praying and that someone is with the ghosts of her friends, it hurts, but the emotion in the song is so strong, and one that I have felt over the past couple of years.

Now let’s try fixing this, and making me feel happy. For this Happy Session, I chose to play a quick session of Just Cause 4, a fantastically flawed fun-filled game of explosions. After a mere 30 minutes of exploding random enemy bases, and throwing people large distances by tethering them to cars and launching them, I was suddenly filled with joy. The bugs I noticed along the way gave me a good chuckle, and the gameplay was still super fun, but the emotions brought to me by Rejoice were still there, and outweighing most of the fun I was having.

Okay, so I have been sad and joyous and now it is the time to get angry. This part is one that Twitter is quite great for.

Yep! After quite a few searches that I knew would enrage me, I stopped caring about my sadness at the start of this little experiment, and I was in desperate need to start playing games again or listen to Twice or Sayonara Ponytail. I decided to do all three of these things to get me out of the abyss of hate that is hate-searching on Twitter. After listening to Houkago Teleport by Sayonara Ponytail, my anger already subsided, and the Twice songs and the session of Divinity: Original Sin II was the cherry on top.

This experiment was…something. I discovered that I could quite easily mix my emotions up by doing certain activities consecutively, and the Meditations game portrayed that in a very simplistic but loving way. Oh, I also found out that when getting angry, which is very rare, it can outweigh all of my other emotions. I am like the small form of Hulk, but without the green, or the muscles, or pretty much everything that makes Hulk Hulk. Do I recommend toying with your own emotions for an article? No, not really, but I do recommend you to check out Ditto’s game next year on January 7th.

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