GOTY #1: Minit

GOTY #1- Minit. This was easily my game of the year. I knew it would stay in this position from the first time I played it. It was so short, sweet, and had a nostalgic, yet new, feel to it. It reminded me of the original The Legend of Zelda with added humor, secrets, ghosts, and toilets. I fell in love with Minit’s focus on brevity, as I believe that most games now are too large. Minit was a breath of fresh air in a polluted industry. There were no needless side missions, or empty landscapes full of small collectibles with no plot value. Minit was small and quirky, and it was proud of it. It offered a great opportunity for players wanting to speedrun, as well as a lovely casual experience.

For this GOTY article, I don’t want to make an in-depth piece, as I have already covered how Minit teaches you to speedrun. Instead, I want to celebrate its brevity, which is why I have given myself 3m 58s 580m  to write this piece, which is the time it takes me to speedrun the Second Run mode of Minit, which I highly encourage you to try out. All I have left to say is that you need to play this game. It takes everything great about top-down Zelda games, and puts it in a great black-and-white art style, and makes you play as a thing that resembles a duck instead of a Peter Pan wannabe. Also, you can water the dog and it shakes off the water and it is cute so you should totally do that.

Time is ticking, three seconds left, well, hope you have a nice day, and I hid my treasure near the

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