GOTY #3: Marvel’s Spider-Man

GOTY #3- Marvel’s Spider-Man. This was a very special game for me and my brother. With great web-slinging action, a lively city, and a plethora of Spider-Man suits, Marvel’s Spider-Man quickly became one of my favorite games this year due to how important comics are to me. The best part of Spider-Man, however, is the high five.

Spider-Man is great due to his love for the people he protects. He has the alias of the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”, and the new Spider-Man lets you express this by interacting with people on the streets. People who rely on you to be safe, and people who you inspire to become the best person they can be. You’re a role model, and you’re proud of it. Occasionally you get the prompt to high-five a citizen or get a selfie with them. This interaction is one of the briefest and simplest mechanics in the game, but that’s what makes it so great.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has a lot of complex mechanics. Fights with criminals give you a ton of options to choose from, and it is harmful at times. You can shoot webs rapidly, or place traps with them, and you can deploy robots to electrocute the enemies trying to attack you. There are so many options, and it can be overwhelming. Finding the best way to deal with each situation is difficult sometimes, as some ideas work, while others reveal your location when you are trying to be stealthy due to a bad aim or placement of a web.

You frequently run out of certain types of webs and have to switch them out for new ones during fights, and that brings the overwhelming feeling back, as you have to adjust to your new situation and look out for bullets that are being shot at you so you can dodge them with precision. It is not just the gameplay that’s overwhelming, but also the city.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, New York City is full of collectibles and side missions. Whether it is old backpacks to collect, Screwball missions to complete, photos to take, or crimes to stop, New York City has many hours of side content that make Spider-Man very busy and forces you to not swing around to have fun but swing around to collect everything.

This is what makes the simple high five so great. Spider-Man swings from one end of the city to the other, and usually fails to acknowledge the normal people who are walking on the streets, as he has to hurry to collect his backpack, take a picture of a monument along the way, and look out for robberies that are happening. Spider-Man is always busy and shouldn’t have time to stop and say hi to people, but he does it anyway.

Spider-Man takes time away from doing things that will help him to make people happy by stopping and letting them know that they are important, too. They may not be superheroes, but they are unique and deserve to be acknowledged. So when Spider-Man starts walking instead of swinging, and allows people to high five him or take pictures with him, he is making their day extremely brighter, and he is benefitting from it by taking a moment to calm down from crime-fighting. This shows that Spider-Man cares about the people he is saving, and he is not just saving them because he is a hero.

Marvel’s Spider-Man gives you the choice to take a break from crime-fighting and collecting collectibles, and rewards you for it by cheering up the lives of nice and normal fictional characters. It implies that you, the player, should always take some time every day to check up on people you love, because you need it, and so do they. So after reading this, please contact the people you love, take a moment to stop working, and give them a literal, or figurative, high five and let them know that they are great.

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