GOTY #6: Far Cry 5


GOTY #6- Far Cry 5. Although it did not impress people with its lack of politics, or its villains, Far Cry 5 is still a very great source for fun sandbox gameplay. I had countless hours of fun creating situations like trying to get a plane to fly when it was surrounded by trees, or tossing dynamite in the sky to take down a helicopter that was trying to kill me. However, what I’m talking about today is the ending, which disappointed a lot of people, including myself. After thinking about it for months, I finally learned to embrace it and like it for what it is and what it tells us: being apolitical has consequences.

In Far Cry 5, you play as an unnamed junior deputy in the fictional gun-loving Hope County, but in the ending, nuclear missiles are launched, and everything explodes, which is what preacher and cult leader Joseph Seed warned everyone about during the course of the game. The ending was shocking, and not in a great way. I wanted to shoot Seed and just call it a day, but instead, I found out that nothing I did had any influence on the ending because regardless of my actions, the nukes would be dropped.

After witnessing the ending, a part of me was very angry, I didn’t have to be this junior deputy for that ending to occur, Far Cry 5 could’ve just been a game about a child in his house in New Hampshire playing with Legos all day, creating the houses of his dreams and monsters of his nightmares with little blocks before looking out of his window and realizing that it was all over. No more legos, no more life. Far Cry 5 didn’t have to take place in Hope County, it could’ve been anywhere else. The story of Hope County and the Project at Eden’s Gate doesn’t matter, what matters is that a nuclear war happened and everything is messed up now. Lives lost, potentials ruined, bad days turned into worse ones.

This is not just the focus of Far Cry 5, it’s also the story of life and our future. Currently, there are nuclear powers in this world that can’t be trusted. North Korea, for example, has nuclear weapons and they seem to be happy to test them, and not hesitant to make threats with them. What’s good about this? Well, they probably won’t ever actually use them, if they do, that’s the end of them and the end of a lot of lives. What’s bad about this? We, as normal people, can’t really do much except vote and protest.

We could be going to Hope County and killing cultists, or could just be building stuff with legos, or playing video games, regardless of what we do, we will not influence the head of governments when discussing whether or not to push that button. We are powerless, as we seem to be about other potentially world-ending events.

Climate change is real, yet some people do not believe it is, and vaccines are good, yet people do not vaccinate their kids. Both of these things are true and supported by scientific research, but they are also issues that we can’t fix ourselves. Studies have shown that 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, and not getting vaccinated puts you, as well as other people, in danger. We are not these companies so we can not stop their danger to the climate, and we can’t stick needles in other people’s children so they won’t die. We can educate these businesses, and the anti-vax parents, and representatives of the Government about the dangers of climate change, but we can’t fix the problems ourselves. The climate will get worse, and more children will die from preventable illnesses. We have to give facts and change the way these parents, companies, and governments think.

Far Cry 5 is extremely political by being not political. During the course of the game, you are not protesting about the use of nuclear weapons, and you aren’t calling your representatives so they can calm the president or make some action to save everyone. You are going around Hope Count killing cultists, driving vehicles, and having fun, all while the world around you falls apart. You are the problem.

I love Far Cry 5’s ending. It changes Far Cry 5 from a mostly apolitical game to a critique about being apolitical and apathetic. If you don’t vote, protest, or make art about your political beliefs, then you won’t be a part of fixing anything. You won’t be able to stop the climate from dangerously changing, and you won’t be able to stop the nukes dropping from the sky. You will just be sitting down and having fun, while you wait to be killed by your inaction.

Regardless of political party, everyone should have the goal of not dying, and not letting the world nuke itself into the afterlife. So all sides: left, right, and center, must let the Government know that we must be very cautious about nuclear war. The threats and heated discussions with North Korea must end, before our lives do. This is what Far Cry 5 tells us. Stop being apathetic before it’s too late.

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