OMNO Receives New Trailer and PS4/Switch Stretch Goals

Picture obtained from OMNO’s Steam Page

Jonas Manke’s upcoming atmospheric puzzle adventure game, OMNO, has reached over 215% of its goal on Kickstarter and has added a new stretch goal during its final four days of the Kickstarter. The new stretch goal will make OMNO available for PS4 and Switch players, instead of its original Steam-exclusive goal. This goal is set to roughly $108,000, and the project currently has $83,000 raised.

OMNO also released a new gameplay trailer to celebrate its last days on Kickstarter. It shows the wonderfully wondrous world of OMNO, as well as the multiple uses of the player’s magic staff, which allows you to slide fastly through areas, as well as fly to into the sky. The magic staff will be an important item in the game, as it helps your traversal across the beautiful lands, as well as solve puzzles you will encounter throughout your journey.

Manke has prior experience as a freelance animator, and this is his first attempt at making a full game by himself. So far, OMNO seems to have a lot of potential and I am excited to see it grow. The environments are gorgeous, the creatures are very mystical, and everything about this seems very good even though it is so early in development.

OMNO is set to release in the Fall of 2019, and it will have to reach its $108,000 stretch goal to be available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. A demo is available right now through this link where you will enter your email for a pre-alpha tech demo.

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