Elephantastic Review

Elephantastic is a fantastic (you’re welcome, and I am not sorry) platformer with a lot of personality, fun gameplay, cool visual effects, and music that goes extremely well with its theme. It does suffer from extremely repetitive menu music as well as an issue with making you manually access every level through the level selection screen instead of having an option allowing you to play each level in order.

In Elephantastic, all you can do is run and jump. Blue platforms do not break when you step on them, and white platforms do break. Each set of platforms is attached to a spotlight that holds it up, and you must separate the white platforms attached to the spotlights to remove obstacles in your way as well as defeat jackrabbits by making them fall to their deaths. It is a very easy mechanic to learn, and the puzzles are pretty fun to solve.

The jackrabbits throw potions at you which become the obstacles of the game, making the ground sticky, or blurring your vision with really cool visual effects. The effects the jackrabbits create don’t have a lot of variety, but for the first few times of seeing them, they are really neat.

The art in Elephantastic is also quite nice to look at. You are a small elephant that hops around, and the jackrabbits are not very detailed and almost cartoon-like, making the whole aesthetic very playful and lighthearted. The background of the stages have wood-like humans watching from the stands, they look a little…creepy? It is just very odd seeing people watching with absolutely no detail and almost a cardboard-cutout feel to them.

The music also brings a lot of life to a game that is rather repetitious in its color patterns and fairly absent of life. The music is very circusy and really matches the tone of the game. It can get repetitive at times, but it keeps its charm for quite a while. The menu music, however, is a different story. The menu music is extremely repetitive and I did not enjoy listening to it. I want to get out of the menu as quick as possible when I am playing, which makes my next criticism even worse.

When you complete the level of Elephantastic it may seem like you have experienced all of the levels the game has to offer, because when you finish level one you are brought to a menu saying to either restart the level or go to the main menu. The game is not over, and the game actually has six levels. You must go to the level select screen from the main menu and manually select each level each time you complete one. This is just tiresome and makes the menu music even more irritating. The content within these levels is amazing, though.

The difficulty increase between each level is minimal, with the beginning levels being pretty easy, and the last level being a little bit challenging. Although Elephantastic never gets challenging, each level feels unique in some way and some of them even have different lighting. The gameplay is fun for what it is, and it is actually quite complex for just being a game where you hop around as an elephant.

Elephantastic’s personality alone is worth your time, the good art, level music, and gameplay are just extra bonuses. Although it suffers from menu problems, I really enjoyed my time with the game. I do not think it is very replayable, and there isn’t a lot of speed strategies so this doesn’t scratch my speedrun itch either. If you are looking for a short and sweet experience, give Elephantastic a try because it is definitely fantastic.

You can download Elephantastic here!


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