Announcing Itchy Byte

    I am excited to announce a new series of articles! A series that will be focused on promoting indie developers. I will be downloading games from the free games section on and reviewing them or focusing on specific aspects of them that I enjoy. Due to the sheer amount of available games on, this series of articles will likely last a long time. The developers there work really hard, and sometimes do not get the publicity that they deserve due to financial restraints, so I want to share their accomplishments here at Scoffin Games.

    With the series Itchy Byte, I will be reviewing these games, and also contacting their developers to practice my interviewing skills while allowing them to explain what inspired them and the problems they faced when creating their games. This process of interviewing may take a while, so some games may only have critique pieces, while others will have reviews and interviews.

This series will be very consistent, having articles published every few days, and during this time I will also be working on other articles not related to this series. My workload will be double, and hopefully your enjoyment will be doubled as well! Thank you for your support and I can’t wait to publish the first article in this series!