Tekken 7 Expands Roster with new Season Pass

Bandai Namco Entertainment gave players a glimpse of the content in the new Season Pass at EVO today. The trailer introduces three characters coming to Tekken 7 soon, two of which were desperately wanted from fans, and one of which came out of left field.

Anna Williams, a fighter from the very first Tekken, is making her return after surprisingly not being included in the roster for Tekken 7’s release, despite her sister Nina being available at launch. Anna will be ditching her trademark red dress, and will be able to use the bazooka that was previously seen in the cutscenes of Tekken 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. More Tekken veterans are returning for Tekken 7 as well.

Lei Wulong is making his return to the series after being omitted from the starting roster. Wulong seems mostly the same to his previous appearances in the Tekken series, which he has been a part of since Tekken 2. He still has a laid-back and calm attitude outside of battle, and takes on a form of a Chinese martial art master while in combat. Wulong has mastered the art of Wu Xing, allowing him to have five different stances to choose from in battleL Snake, Crane, Tiger, Leopard, and Dragon form. Bandai Namco had one more surprise for Tekken fans, as well as Walking Dead fans. Negan from The Walking Dead will be joining the roster.

Negan can be heard whistling as he walks, and then he states, “Little pig, little pig, let me in,” which is a scene directly copied from The Walking Dead’s season 7 episode 4. There was no gameplay footage of Negan in combat, so his fighting style is not known. Three other characters will also be coming to Tekken 7 that have not been announced yet, so the Tekken community will be left to wonder who the three unidentified characters may be, but will only have a limited amount of time to do so, because the last announcement of the trailer is that Tekken 7‘s second season pass will be coming soon.

Watch the trailer below!