Life is Strange 2 Teaser Introduces New Powers

The Life is Strange series is getting a new installment, and the new game looks dark. Dontnod Studios, the developer of the Life is Strange series, released a teaser on August 2nd introducing us to the new setting and some of the new characters and powers in the sequel to the award-winning tale of the time-traveling Maxine Caulfield.

The teaser sets a different tone than the previous games, and seems to revolve around police. The teaser also introduces a new protagonist with powers of wind manipulation. The teaser starts with dash-cam footage of a police vehicle, and the time indicates that Life is Strange 2 will take place roughly three years after the events of the first game, but will likely have small connections to the other installments of the series due to the new setting and characters.

The police mention a 10-10, which is a fight-in-progress, and after the policeman arrives at the scene he is attacked by the new wind-powers. It is unclear whether the wind-controlling character is the protagonist, or if we will be seeing a clash between powers of good and evil. The full trailer will release August 20th to answer all of our questions about the setting, story, and connection, or lack thereof, with the previous games. Until then, we only have this small teaser to theorize about.