My Top Three E3 Predictions

E3 starts this weekend! I can’t wait to watch the conferences, and I have three huge predictions for E3 that I want to share!

1. Child of Light shines again!

Child of Light was a fairy tale game about Aurora and her step-mother. A retelling of Sleeping Beauty, but with wonderful changes. The setting was made with gorgeous watercolor, and was full of unique and jaw-dropping events and characters. Every new character introduced was pleasant, and the story, although not extremely unique, was well written and never felt too bland. After release, fans of the game wanted more, and Ubisoft delivered by releasing a short book that took place after the events of the game, and focused on a supporting character from Child of Light’s son. After release, when asked if they had anything more to release, Patrick Plourde, the author, stated that more books were already in development.

It has been three years since the release of the first Child of Light book, and no new books have been released. This could be a bad sign for the series, but I am optimistic, because the game and the setting had so much potential to become something truly amazing. So my prediction is that instead of creating more books about the supporting characters’ children, the new Child of Light game will focus on those characters, giving them each a chapter that is focused on them, and then halway through the game, they will all meet and go on an adventure and fight a force of evil that is plaguing the land. The new Child of Light will be titled Child of Light: Dim Days and will be released in August.

2. Custom Robo switches it up!

I love Custom Robo, and Nintendo knows I love it. Nintendo knows that Custom Robo still has potential as a series, which is why they are bringing it back at E3. The new Custom Robo will bring some new mechanics to the series such as having three types of guns, pods, and bombs, available during the match, allowing the player to freely choose which ones they want to have mid-match. This will ensure that all players will not lose matches due to poorly choosing their customizations before the match. It will keep matches fast-paced, and will make the player pay close attention to their enemy’s loadout switches.

The story will be very Custom Robo: Battle Revolution-esque, with a very complex story and world, but with well placed comic relief. The world will be open to explore and will have more places to visit than the very few that were included in Battle Revolution.

One aspect they need to keep is the really ridiculous dialogue, like the long pre-battle explanation of key info about how to defeat your opponent. Each time this happened in Battle Revolution I would laugh due to the sheer amount of information they give you right before each battle, and the fact that they admit that they know what they are doing is not normal. Custom Robo needs to be weird, but serious and fun. With amazing gameplay, a complex story full of awesome characters, and a really pleasant soundtrack. Custom Robo: Ray’s Return will be released on the day of Nintendo’s E3 Conference.

3. Ice Climbers reach new heights!

The best fighters are coming back to Smash, but that was already obvious. What I am really predicting is that Ice Climbers will have a new game for the Switch. Ice Climber released in 1985, and then re-released many other times. No sequels were made, only different versions of the first game. This has to change. With Ice Climbers having huge roles in Super Smash Bros. a time must come where Popo and Nana return with their own game, and that time is now.

The new Ice Climber game will be titled Ice Climbers and will be packed full of character development. Ascending each beautiful mountain will be a pleasant experience, but during rest areas, Popo and Nana’s relationship will develop, they will share their secrets, get in arguments, talk about their home life, and the world around them. Ice Climbers is going to be an emotional experience that will bring players to tears as Popo and Nana’s mental health are explored, showing their biggest achievements, and harshest defeats. At the top of each mountain there will be no reward, the only reward will be the experience of reaching the top with each other. Ice Climbers will release in July.

E3 is going to be packed full of big announcements, and while I am not sure if the games listed above will appear, I sure hope they do. E3 is one of my favorite events of the year, and I am so excited to learn what the games industry’s biggest publishers are up to. If you have any E3 predictions, please share them in the comments section below!