The Nostalgia Trials: A Retrospective Critique Series

    I have been a gamer since I was five, playing countless games on my Gamecube and PS1 during my early years of gaming. These years were filled with fantastic games such as Sonic Adventure 2, Custom Robo, and Crash Bandicoot. Yes, you heard me correctly, Sonic Adventure 2 was a fantastic game, and I was astounded when I found out that Earth was populated with seven billion people and that most of them heavily disagreed with that statement. So now I am thinking that my whole entire gaming past may have just been an illusion of being full of great games, and instead was full of mediocre games and I was too young to understand that. Now I am on a mission to put my favorite games on trial, to determine if they are guilty of being below average. These Nostalgia Trials will examine my feelings before and after replaying the games of the past and will conclude with a verdict that will state whether the games lives up to my good memories of them, and if they are worth purchasing at their current price.
    The first game I am putting on trial is Custom Robo, a game that I always joke around about, asking other gaming podcasts when Custom Robo for the Switch will come out, even though it is a mostly dead series that I don’t think has the possibility of living again. If one was announced, I would most likely cry tears of joy from how much I loved it when I was a child. I am putting a lot at risk here, and I think that is just what this series needs.
    I am very excited to replay some of my most favorite games of the past, but I am also quite terrified at the possible results of this project. Will my thoughts on my favorite games completely change? Will I actually hate Custom Robo and never wish for a Switch installment of the series? Will I find out that Thrillville has nothing interesting to offer except the song “Emo Skater Girl”? Will I find out that Sonic Adventure 2’s Chao Garden was the only good part of the game? I can’t wait to answer these questions and start this adventure, and I hope you enjoy this series!

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